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Monday, 7 November 2011

Disentangling ... The Journey So Far

About two years ago, I began 'the great declutter'. I started by reducing my personal and household belongings (not that I had much to begin with). I recycled, freecycled, sold and gifted my stuff. Along the way, I gave up television. At the time, people asked why I was doing this and I wasn't able to provide a clear answer. You see, I didn't fully understand what was happening, but just knew, instinctively, it was something I had to do.

Day-by-day, the decluttering extended into other areas of my life as I became mindful of routines, thoughts, habits and conventions that no longer served me (or perhaps never did). And so began the disentangling ... also known as untethering, unravelling, or detaching from the life I'd known.

Looking back, although I've always been a creative spirit, I realised how much my life had been restricted by thoughts and habits or expectations (mine and other people's). Something was changing within me. It gathered pace while I was writing my debut novel as if some magical force flew on the coat tails of my muse. Even over the course of 2011, in this amazing year of change, my evolutionary journey has been incredibly profound. I'm seeing through the veils. I'm clearing the way. I'm listening to starsong.

Not everyone understands what I'm doing. Not everyone approves or wants to follow. And that's perfectly okay. I'm on my starsong journey. Without realising it, I've been on this voyage for a while now. Many kin spirits are experiencing this intriguing shift in consciousness or perception. They, too, are disentangling.

In the boldest leap so far, I'm about to embark on the next part of the journey. It is exciting, but scary in the same breath. The house is sold (subject to contract). Soon, there'll be no mortgage nor attachment to one place. My nest, where my debut novel was conceived, will become home to a new young family on the start of their journey. I'm sure they'll love the place, especially for its peace and beautiful views. And I'm leaving with gratitude for the time I've had here and with a good feeling in my heart.

As I give up the notion of ownership and continue to disentangle, I'm reminded that we are only guests on this planet. Experiencing life's magical moments, sharing gifts, doing work that matters, and living from the heart, is what truly counts. Right now, I'm not certain where I'll be living in the next few weeks, but I'm trusting in the journey and, as ever, focused on living creatively. All I know is that it feels right.