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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Embracing Change

Life is ever evolving. Few things remain constant. Not even standard weights and measures stay the same over time. (Read the story of the disappearing Kilo.) So, when faced with inevitable change, it makes sense to accept and embrace it.

In my disentangling journey, I have initiated many of the current changes taking place in my life. I've been listening to starsong and clearing the path of redundant thoughts, feelings, habits and expectations that do not support the work I'm here to do. It's prompted such a radical and surprisingly quick succession of changes in my life, which requires a whole new perspective.

How I live and work will be very different to how I've previously lived and worked. More about this in future posts. Right now, I want to share another significant change... the opting out of Christmas. Before you shout 'humbug', let me explain.

I'm completely at odds with the whole commercialism of the Yuletide season. I've felt like this for some time. Perhaps you feel it too?  Apart from the opportunity to meet up with family and friends and give gratitude for all that is, the occasion has no meaning for me. After all, I'm a spiritual being, but I'm not religious. I love to give, but do so in many different ways throughout the year without succumbing to the commercial circus.

So, I'm opting out of Christmas. I'll not be participating in the exchange of cards or gifts from this year on. Instead, I'll be supporting ventures and environmental schemes, which I'm passionate about and have wider benefits for all. I'll be giving in various ways (not just monetary, but in time, expertise and support) throughout the year. And when it comes to giving physical gifts at other times, I'll consciously choose to buy from artists and smaller ethical ventures.

My opting out might not be popular, but it is part of my disentangling. Some may regard it as a little extreme or sad, but that's okay. Each to their own. I respect others' views and beliefs. For me, the yuletide season will continue to be a time of gathering with family, friends and co-travellers... to share food and stories... to be grateful for life's goodness and nature's bounty. It will continue to be a reminder of our capacity for peace and love. To me, that's what the season should celebrate. And that's what life should be about... all year round.

Right now, I continue to disentangle. The big move is imminent and I'm embracing change. I'm looking towards 2012 and the writing of new work. I'll be journeying between realms and gathering inspiration. As always, the future is a work-in-progress.

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